Rumination is a conglomeration of poems. With his carefully selected anthology, Rudolph attempts to pierce deeper into the heart of matters. Some poems provide discomforting conundrums. Some provide respite. All were chosen to encourage longer pauses and more questions.

Throughout this book, you’ll also find minimalistic illustrations that either match their poems quite obviously or hint at subtler connections. The combined effect will have you ruminating in no time.

Read Kill The Dark, a poem from Rumination

N. M. Rudolph is a passionate poet and the innovative author of Meadowvale, Rumination, Untold Tales, and Unhinged: 36 x 36.

As a masterful writer, he uses his imagination to draw readers into enriching new worlds or renewed visions of familiar stories.

Rudolph was born in Maryland and grew up in Germany. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and teaches a great range of subjects at Gamut Academy. When he isn’t busy writing, he can be found dressing up like a pirate at the Renaissance Faire, seeking theatrical trouble elsewhere, or dabbling in a some new hobby.

Get in touch with him on Instagram (@n.m.rudolph) and Facebook (@nmrudolphauthor).

He loves hearing from his readers!